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Would You Vote For A Pro-Infanticide Politician?

Would You Vote For A Pro-Infanticide Politician?

The Blackface pictures isn’t Justin Trudeau’s biggest scandal. The SNC-Lavalin corruption story isn’t Justin Trudeau’s biggest scandal. Justin Trudeau’s commitment to violating human rights against vulnerable babies in Canada and across the entire world is his biggest scandal.

But maybe that says more about us than Justin Trudeau. Justin Trudeau is the face of Canada, and that reveals disturbing things about the heart of this nation. We Canadians tend to feel morally and culturally superior to our Southern neighbours. We boast to ourselves and to each other that we are more tolerant, more just, more kind and less sexist, less racist, less violent than America.

We congratulate ourselves for not electing a Donald Trump. But Donald Trump isn’t committed to policies that hurt women and kill babies in his nation. That’s Justin Trudeau. Donald Trump isn’t committed to policies that kill vulnerable Black babies in his nation and across the world. That’s Justin Trudeau. Donald Trump isn’t the most dangerous political leader in the world for babies. That’s Justin Trudeau.

On Monday night, Canadians re-elected Justin Trudeau as our Prime-Minister.

Of the 18 million Canadians who voted in the election, how many voters considered abortion a major issue? How many considered abortion an issue at all?

Judging by the result of the election, I’m not optimistic the answers would be encouraging. After all, according to market research company, Ipsos, the top 5 issues for Canadians in the election were: healthcare, affordability, taxes, social inequality, climate change.

And these findings are consistent with conversations I had with Canadians, including Christians, ahead of the election. Many Canadians were more concerned about the outcome of taxes, gas prices and grocery prices after the election than they were about pre-born babies in our country suffering excruciating government-sanctioned deaths.

This is in part because Andrew Scheer and the Conservative Party didn’t offer any legitimate hope to Christians and pro-life Canadians that Scheer would courageously translate his apparently personal pro-life positions into public policies.

Nevertheless, as one of my CCBR colleagues explained earlier this week, voting for pro-life politicians who might not protect human rights for pre-born babies is better than voting for pro-abortion politicians who vow to do even more to violate human rights for pre-born babies.

This past summer, Justin Trudeau vowed that he would increase funding for abortions in foreign countries from 1.1 billion to 1.3 billion dollars, including funding for abortions in many African countries where abortion is illegal. This is why pro-life advocate Obianuju Ekeocha calls Justin Trudeau the “Number 1 exporter of abortion.”

If Justin Trudeau was a Democratic candidate for the 2020 American presidential election, he would be considered too radical for the Democrats. Trudeau’s commitment to violating human rights for pre-born babies in this country and across the world is extensive.

One of Trudeau’s first priorities as the new leader of the Liberal Party in 2014 was to draft a policy that banned Liberal Party candidates from running as pro-life members of parliament. Then last year, Trudeau introduced a policy that bans pro-life organizations from receiving youth employment grants.

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And Trudeau’s pledge to increase funding for foreign abortions is apparently in response to Donald Trump blocking foreign abortion clinics and organizations from receiving funding from the American government.

And yet, abortion wasn’t a major issue in the election. Many of us didn’t think much about abortion when we were voting. Many of us didn’t know where the parties stood on election, and we didn’t care. Some people, including Christians, voted for the most pro-abortion leader in the world, and they’re not troubled by that.

However, I imagine that if Justin Trudeau introduced a bill that made it permissible to kill 2 year old babies, he wouldn’t have been re-elected. I imagine that if Trudeau committed to using billions of Canadian tax-payer money to help organizations kill millions of poor, vulnerable 2 year olds in foreign countries, he wouldn’t have been re-elected. Would we vote for a pro-infanticide politician?

And yet, what is the difference between killing a 2 year old baby and pre-born baby? Are they not equally human? Are they not equally deserving of human rights? Killing a baby—no matter their size, no matter their location—is always infanticide.

Killing a 4 year old child is wrong. Killing the 4 year old child 2 years before that is just as wrong. And killing the 2 year old child before that, when they are in the womb, is just as wrong too. And I wish our voting patterns were consistent with that.

I’m glad Canadians have the right to vote. But I look forward to the day when Canadians will exercise our right to vote by electing politicians who will protect a pre-born baby’s right to live.

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