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Democrats Do Not Love Joe Biden

Democrats Do Not Love Joe Biden

In a sense, Democrats dislike Joe Biden more than Republicans do. This shouldn’t be hard to believe if you watched last night’s debate.

During the debate, I joked that I was more coherent than Joe Biden when I used to speak in tongues. 

Joe Biden could barely think or talk—and walk after the debate. He looked confused, frail, and unfit for any job right now, let alone the most crucial political job in the world: the president of the United States.

It was so painful to watch. I was genuinely cringing whenever he would speak. It was so disastrous that some Democrats are saying Biden should step down so they can introduce a new candidate for the election in November. 

But Joe Biden’s performance in the debate isn’t a new development. Over the last four years, the whole world—especially Democrats in the White House—have known about Biden’s deteriorating health. 

He’s consistently shown signs of advanced dementia throughout his presidency, a condition that appears to be worsening rapidly, especially since he’s the president of the United States.

Joe Biden shouldn’t be President—For America’s sake, for the world’s sake, and his own sake. 

Biden’s presidency isn’t just bad for all of us, it’s bad for his health. A man in his condition should be resting and being cared for in his own house. He shouldn’t be working in the White House. 

The Democrats know this. They know this re-election campaign and presidency isn’t good for his health, but apparently—they don’t care. They are willing to sacrifice his health in order to maintain their power.

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After all, they sacrificed Biden’s health to gain power in 2020, so why wouldn’t they sacrifice his health again to maintain power four years later? Last night’s debate, however, could apparently change their plans. But if they replace him it won’t be because they are trying to protect his health, it’ll be because they are trying to protect their political future.

So the Democrats do not love Joe Biden, and worse, his family seemingly loves the benefits of his presidency more than himself. If they loved him as they should, they wouldn’t have encouraged him to pursue the presidency.

But this shouldn’t be surprising. People who do not love babies shouldn’t be expected to love elderly people. There’s a reason people who support abortion also support euthanasia.

People who sacrifice pre-born babies for political power will also sacrifice elderly people for political power. That’s why Democrats elected Joe Biden as President. 

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