Is It Ever Okay To Kill A Baby?

Is it ever okay to kill a baby?

I know the question is absurd. Basically, everyone has the same answer: no, it’s never okay to kill a baby.

But what if I added more context? What if the baby sleeps in his mother’s womb, instead of a crib? What if the baby is still a few days or hours away from being born?

What if I changed my wording? What if instead of asking “Is it ever okay to kill a baby?”, I said: is it ever okay to abort a fetus?

Keep in mind that the meaning of the words hasn’t changed. The word “abortion” means terminating or killing a fetus. And the word “fetus” means a pre-born baby.

So, though the meaning of the words hasn’t changed—have your answers changed? Do you still believe it’s never okay to kill a baby?

Ignore the euphemisms, pro-abortion people believe it’s okay to kill babies. It’s as simple as that. They are neither pro-life nor pro-choice. They are pro baby-murder. This is why Ohio’s pro-abortion movement is campaigning that it’s okay to kill late-term babies.

Ohio’s pro-abortion movement has proposed a constitutional amendment called ISSUE 1. Ohioans will vote on the amendment on November 7th. If the majority of people in Ohio vote “yes” on ISSUE 1, it will amend the state’s constitution and make transgender mutilation and abortion a constitutional right for all residents, including minors.

This means, if ISSUE 1 passes, minors can book appointments at Planned Parenthood to have an abortion or get so-called “gender-affirming care” without parental consent. And especially, it would make abortion legal at every stage of pregnancy.

In other words, ISSUE 1 says it’s always okay to kill a baby—if they are months, weeks, days, or even hours from being born.

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According to the CDC, there are almost 13,000 late-term abortions in America every year. The reports of Hamas beheading 40 Israeli babies horrified many of us. But Planned Parenthood beheads thousands of babies every year. Planned Parenthood will behead many more babies in Ohio if ISSUE 1 passes.

According to a poll, 58% of people in Ohio are planning to vote “YES” on ISSUE 1, including (shamefully) 39% of Republicans. So if you live in Ohio, please make sure you raise awareness on this. This is the most important vote in Ohio’s history. It’s simply a matter of life and death. Your vote could save thousands of lives.

If you really believe it shouldn’t be legal for anyone to kill their child—if you really believe it’s never okay to kill a baby, then vote “no” on ISSUE 1.

And if you’re not in Ohio, please pray for us. Pray that pro-life people would outnumber pro-abortion people on November 7th.

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