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Abortion After A Sexual Assault Creates Two Assaults

Abortion After A Sexual Assault Creates Two Assaults

A 10 year old victim of a sexual assault here in Ohio travelled to Indiana to have an abortion last month. A 27 year old man has since been arrested and charged for first-degree rape.

The story has become international news, especially after Joe Biden’s comments last week. But the Democrats’ and the media’s focus of attention and outrage over this incident isn’t that a man raped a little girl—it’s that when the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, it triggered an anti-abortion law in Ohio that prevented the 10 year old girl from having an abortion.

Abortion is illegal in Ohio when the pre-born baby has a detectable heartbeat, which effectively bans abortion 3 weeks after conception. The “Heartbeat Bill” doesn’t allow for exceptions in cases of incest or rape—which is why the 10 year old girl, who was apparently more than 6 weeks pregnant at the time, was led to Indiana to have an abortion.

According to their reactions, abortion activists and the Democrats are more disturbed by Ohio’s pro-life law than the little girl’s rapist. In fact, it’s not necessarily the 10 year old girl’s rape that received outrage from abortion activists—it’s that she couldn’t have an abortion in Ohio.

This isn’t surprising, sadly. Abortion activists have always exploited victims of sexual assault for their agenda. They’ve always taken advantage of horrific stories of sexual abuse to manipulate people into accepting abortion.

But people who kill children shouldn’t be expected to help children. The people who led the little child to an abortion centre in Indiana didn’t help a child—they killed a child. There are two young children who were assaulted. There are two assault victims in this story, not one.

Abortion after a sexual assault creates two assaults.

For several reasons, these words are not easy to write. But considering the number of professing Christians who have abortions, including those who support Roe v. Wade, apologetics on abortion is more necessary than many of us imagine.

We should grieve for the 10 year old girl, but we should also grieve for another child in this story. This story involves two tragedies. The rapist killed the little girl’s innocence, and the abortion centre killed her little baby.

When a woman or a girl becomes pregnant after a sexual assault, what she needs is justice and support—not an abortion. What she needs is help to persevere over her assault, not help to participate in another assault.

That’s what abortion is: a type of assault. Actually, it’s the worst type of assault. It’s a violent, bloody, and deadly assault against an innocent baby. Abortion crushes a baby’s skull and it rips their little bodies apart, limb-by-limb.

Abortion doesn’t help women who get pregnant after a sexual assault. It doesn’t remove their assault. It doesn’t un-rape them. It doesn’t erase the devastating incident, it creates another one.

Pre-born babies are just as human as you and me. They have human DNA. They have human hearts, human hands, and human rights. The only difference between pre-born babies and born babies is the same difference between me and a born baby: age.

I am the same person I was the day after I was born—I’m just older and bigger. In the same way, I was the same person 8 months before I was born as I was 8 months after I was born—I was just younger and smaller.

Therefore if you think it’s wrong for a mother to kill her born baby because they were conceived in rape, then why would you think it’s okay for the mother to kill the same baby through an abortion just months before when the baby is just younger and smaller?

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I shared similar arguments with a student at a high school a few years ago. He didn’t have answers for my arguments, but he insisted that abortion after a sexual assault is justifiable. However one of his friends overheard our conversation, and he angrily said:

so you wish I wasn’t born!? My father raped my mom!

That high school student immediately changed his mind. When his friend confronted him, he realized we were talking about real people—real people like his friend.

Many of us, however, still refuse to believe abortion kills real people. We refuse to believe there are two assault victims in the story about the 10 year old girl.

Two children were led into that abortion centre in Indiana, and one of them wasn’t let out alive. Abortion after a sexual assault creates two assaults.

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