They Hate The System, Not Racism

How do you make racism acceptable again?

It’s simple: deceive and manipulate people into rioting over “systemic racism”. Then teach them to be silent or approving of racial slurs against black people like Tim Scott.

In other words, if you want racism to thrive: call everything racist—except for real racism. 

After Tim Scott’s rebuttal to Joe Biden’s speech to Congress on Wednesday night, Twitter allowed “Uncle Tim” to trend for twelve hours before complaints about Twitter’s biased and inconsistent hate speech rules compelled them to remove the term from their trending topics.

“Uncle Tim” is a reference to “Uncle Tom”. It’s a racial slur for black people who refuse to embrace critical race theory—black people like Republican senator, Tim Scott.

Of course, the people who labelled Tim Scott “Uncle Tim” were leftists, affirming what Scott said in his rebuttal: “I get called Uncle Tom, and the N-word by progressives, by liberals.”

Leftists—including white leftists—were unashamed to use racial slurs against Scott because he said what they desperately hate hearing most from black conservatives: “America is not a racist country.” 

I can’t think of anything more detestable to many white leftists than black people who refuse to believe what white leftists want them to believe. Many white leftists do not hate “niggers”, they only hate “niggers” who are not useful to their agenda.

This is why they’re eager to use racial slurs against black people who do not believe America is systemically racist. 

That might seem contradictory, but it shouldn’t be—not if you understand the true nature of critical race theory. 

The key word in “systemic racism” isn’t “racism”, it’s “systemic”. Critical race theorists have exploited white guilt and black bitterness to convince people they’re antiracists, though they’re not really against racism.

Critical race theorists—and many of the people influenced by them—speak against “systemic racism” but refuse to speak against racial slurs directed at black people like me because they hate the system, they don’t hate racism.

Critical race theorists are not antiracists, they’re anti Western democracy. In fact, they’re pro-racism as a means to creating a revolution against Western democracy. 

This is why immediately after the Derek Chauvin verdict, Ibram Kendi released a video saying:

“Chauvin is headed to jail, but is America headed to justice? Is justice convicting a police officer or justice convicting America? It’s easy to just blame an individual like Derek Chauvin, but the problem is structural. The problem is historic…Justice has convicted America, now we must put in the time to transforming this nation.”

In his book, How To Be An Antiracist, Kendi says: 

“If racial discrimination is defined as treating, considering, or making a distinction in favour or against an individual based on that person’s race, then racial discrimination is not inherently racist. The defining question is whether the discrimination is creating equity or inequity. If discrimination is creating equity, then it is antiracist. If discrimination is creating inequity, then it is racist.”

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In other words, according to critical race theorists, racist laws (against white people) are justifiable if they eliminate Western democracy’s commitment to equality of rights to establish a system that produces equality of outcome—an “antiracist” version of communism.

So when critical race theorists say our systems are racist, their intentions are identical to the agenda behind why they claim voter ID laws are racist. Our political systems are just as non-racist as voter ID laws. They’re simply labeling our systems as racist as a way to gain public support for a revolution against our Western democratic system.

Critical race theorists find racism in everything—except the things they love. 

They love racists who embrace critical race theory and they hate non-racists who reject critical race theory. That’s why they support Joe Biden, and that’s why they reject Tim Scott.

Since I started blogging six years ago, I’ve been called an “Uncle Tom” significantly more by believers than I’ve been called a “nigger” by unbelievers my whole life.

Racial slurs against black Christians who refuse to accept critical race theory is the most acceptable and popular form of anti-black racism in Christian circles today.

And yet, (white) Christians who eagerly speak against “systemic racism” refuse to speak against racial slurs directed at black people like me. For instance, of the hundreds of articles on supposed racism on mainstream evangelical websites, you won’t find a single article addressing this real issue of racism. 

Which prompts me to wonder, if you’re not willing to speak against racial slurs against inconvenient black people, why should I trust your intentions when you speak against “systemic racism”?

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