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Conservatives Are Part Of The Problem

Conservatives Are Part Of The Problem

Most conservatives support Florida’s so-called “Don’t Say Gay Bill”. However, many of these supposed conservatives apparently support the bill for the wrong reasons.

Many conservatives do not care about protecting children from LGBTQ indoctrination, they only care about protecting children from leftist indoctrination.

Most “conservatives” today are heading toward the same direction as liberals and leftists—they’re simply progressing at a slower speed.

Christless conservatives hate leftism, not sin. We Christians shouldn’t forget that.

They are generally our political allies, but they are not our philosophical allies. Jesus said: “Whoever is not with me is against me.” (Matthew 12:30)

That applies to conservatives too. Leftists aren’t the only people who are against Jesus. Christless conservatives are against Jesus too. Therefore, Christless conservatives have more in common with leftists than they have with Christians.

So although leftists are a bigger threat to our soceity, Christless conservatives aren’t the solution. Actually, they are part of the problem.

Yesterday, Dave Rubin and the man he calls his husband announced they’re fathers of two children through surrogate mothers. Many supposed conservatives, including commentators and media outlets like Candace Owens, Prager University, and The Blaze—shared their support.

If you’re unfamiliar with Dave Rubin, he is a political commentator on his talk show, The Rubin Report. He occasionally refers to himself as a conservative, but he mostly describes himself as a classical liberal.

I actually admire Dave Rubin a lot. I mentioned The Rubin Report in an article about my top ten favourite podcasts two years ago. In that article, I said: “Dave Rubin is the most interesting podcaster I follow.”

His interviews with Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, Larry Elder, Douglas Murray, and many more have been so helpful to me. His firsts interviews with Ben Shapiro and Larry Elder especially shaped a lot of my thinking on racial issues. The interviews encouraged me to do further research—research that strengthened my blog. Truly, without The Rubin Report, my blog would be significantly weaker.

Nevertheless, Dave Rubin and the “conservatives” who support his announcement are part of the problem in our society.

In between their tweets about how LGBTQ indoctrination in public schools harm children, many supposed conservatives tweeted in support of Dave Rubin harming children.

Yes, Dave Rubin and the man he calls his husband are harming their children. I do not take any pleasure in saying that. But it’s true.

Just as children are a blessing to fathers and mothers, fathers and mothers are a blessing to children. It’s therefore harmful to remove that blessing from children through homosexual parenting.

As Katy Faust explains in her must-read book, Them Before Us, homosexual parenting deliberately violates a child’s right to a father and mother, with devastating consequences. 

We shouldn’t have to explain this to “conservatives”. After all, many of the “conservatives” supporting Dave Rubin and his partner’s homosexual parenting are some of the people who rightly blame racial disparities on fatherlessness in black families.

These hypocritical “conservatives” complain about why leftists do not care about fatherlessness in black families, but they apparently haven’t asked themselves why they do not care about Dave Rubin’s children being motherless.

They support homosexual marriages and homosexual parenting, and yet they complain about how gender theory and transgenderism have become so popular—without acknowledging that acceptance of homosexual marriages and homosexual parenting fosters acceptance of gender theory and transgenderism.

Also, we conservatives have spent the last two years sharing our concerns about how masks harm children. And yet, we support children being harmed by homosexual parenting?

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Of course, children shouldn’t be forced to wear masks. But isn’t homosexual parenting significantly more harmful than a mask?

Nevertheless, when Pete Buttigieg and his partner announced last year that they’re fathers of twins, they were criticized by many of the “conservatives” who are supporting Dave Rubin and his partner today.

Apparently, what makes Buttigieg’s announcement harmful for society, and makes Rubin’s announcement helpful for society is their political affiliations. 

Many “conservatives” are only committed to conserving their own interests, nothing more. That’s why just as liberals have regressed into leftists, most conservatives have regressed into liberals.

So don’t be surprised when most conservatives support gender theory, transgenderism, and public schools indoctrinating children with LGBTQ ideology in a few years.

Most “conservatives” aren’t conservatives at all.

That’s why ,Matt Schlapp, the president of the Conservative Political Action Conference—the biggest conservative conference in America—shared a tweet in support of transgenderism a few weeks ago. That’s why he also admitted to removing pro-life speakers from the conference because he believes they are unnecessary. 

Many “conservatives” are more interested in being on “the right side of history” than being right with God. 

Until that changes, Christless conservatives will always be part of the problem, not the solution. 

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