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I’m Speaking At The Toronto March For Life

I’m Speaking At The Toronto March For Life

Canada is one of the most dangerous countries in the world for pre-born babies. Our nation’s most innocent people are the most oppressed people in our country. Pre-born babies are the most vulnerable and the biggest victims of violence in our country.

Over 15% of all pregnancies in Canada end in abortion. But abortion doesn’t just end pregnancies, do they? Abortion discriminates against little babies, it disembowels their organs, and it decapitates their heads in the womb. Abortion is the most grotesque and widespread human rights violation in Canadian history—and too many politicians, too many people do not care that every year 100,000 babies in our country are ripped apart limb-by-limb.

It’s true. We torture a 100,000 babies to death every year. Abortion is the leading cause of death in Canada. It kills 20,000 more people a year than cancer. 30% of deaths in Canada are caused by abortion. And since it became legal in our country, abortion has killed over 4 million Canadians.

But this injustice will end—it has to. But it will take action. Pre-born babies cannot speak, but we can speak for them. They cannot march, but we can march for them too. On Thursday, May 9, I will march and speak for pre-born babies at the first March For Life in Toronto at Queen’s Park. And I want you to march with me.

At the Toronto March For Life, I will deliver a personal, difficult story that fuels my commitment help make abortion unthinkable in Canada. Many years ago, I had the opportunity to convince a friend to not get an abortion. But I failed. So she went to an abortion clinic a few days afterward, and they killed her baby. But last summer, I convinced 73 pro-choice strangers to become pro-life.

What happened in-between the two events that made me become an effective pro-life advocate? I’ll explain that in my speech this Thursday. I think it will encourage you. So join me and many others at Queen’s Park on May 9th so we can march and speak for the pre-born in Canada.

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