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Andrew Tate Is A Weak Man

Andrew Tate Is A Weak Man

Many young, Christian men have become fans of Andrew Tate because they think he’s a good example of masculinity.

Most of these young men are Generation Z teenagers who are growing up in a repressive, woke culture that labels their masculinity as “toxic”. Teenage boys know they are offered only two alternatives:

they must either transition from boys to “girls” or they must transition from boys to weak men.

This is why a self-proclaimed misogynist like Andrew Tate is so appealing. Unlike many cowardly evangelicals, Andrew Tate doesn’t seem like a weak man.

He’s a four-time kickboxing world champion. He’s an extremely wealthy businessman—he says his net-worth is $350 million, and he isn’t shy about showing it off. He consistently shows off his mansions and 33 luxury cars, including his Bugatti.

His “privilege” doesn’t make him feel guilty, it makes him feel good. He represents a counter-culture in this woke era, and that makes him naturally appealing to teenage boys.

He doesn’t care about being “nuanced” on feminism. He’s straightforward. He isn’t afraid of offending woke people. On his website, he says: “Reality doesn’t care how you feel. This isn’t Hate Speech, this is Tate Speech.”

Many teenage boys are tired of being called oppressors, they’re tired of saying their preferred pronouns at school, they’re tired of false accusations of sexual assault, they’re tired of their friends cutting their penises off. They’re tired of weak men. 

That’s why they love Andrew Tate. He says what many men are afraid to say. Unlike most people, he’s not afraid of being cancelled. Which is why he became even more popular after he was cancelled on social media. 

If evangelical men were just as willing to be canceled—if we were more candid and more courageous, young men in the Church wouldn’t think Andrew Tate is so interesting. In fact, Tate says Christian cowardice on wokeness is the reason why he’s converted from Christianity to Islam.

Nevertheless, just as feminists are wrong on what it really means to be a woman, Andrew Tate is wrong about what it really means to be a man. 

Just as women shouldn’t agree with feminism because they’re offended by Andrew Tate, men shouldn’t agree with Andrew Tate because they’re offended by feminism.

The enemy of your enemy isn’t your friend. The enemy of feminism isn’t always your friend. Andrew Tate isn’t your friend, especially since he’s an enemy of Christ.

He isn’t a good example of masculinity. Anti-feminism isn’t the same as a masculinity. Actually, I don’t think Andrew Tate is really anti-feminist. Sure, he hates the anti-men aspects of feminism. But he doesn’t hate the most consequential part of feminism: the sexual revolution.

He’s infamous for degrading promiscuous women, but he’s also a proud pimp who’s made millions from online pornography with promiscuous women.

His online pornography business is the reason for his recent arrest in Romania for alleged human trafficking. 

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Moreover, and he once said, “When men try and act men in a masculine way, they’re ‘toxically masculine.’ They demonize us. And then…they try and shame us. Shame is another tactic. ‘O Andrew, when are you going to grow up and stop “F**cking all that hot p*ussy.’”

He thinks masculinity is male promiscuity. Meaning, he thinks unless a man is willing to use women, he isn’t acting like a man. In other words, he doesn’t think godly men are strong men.

More than that, he doesn’t think Jesus is a strong man. 

The Bible says: “Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love.

Strong men are loving men, like Jesus Christ.

They do not dominate women. They do not harm women, they honour them. They do not sell women as sexual slaves, they serve them with love. 

Jesus is a strong man, Andrew Tate is a weak man.

Good masculinity isn’t sinful, it’s godly. It looks like Jesus Christ, not Andrew Tate. So never apologize for being a man, but always apologize for being a sinful man.

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