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I’m Joining The Staff At The Canadian Center For Bio-Ethical Reform

I’m Joining The Staff At The Canadian Center For Bio-Ethical Reform

Reactions to the late-term abortion bills in New York and Virginia illustrate the contrast between America and Canada. Late-term abortions are controversial in America, but they are conventional in Canada.

In late-term abortions, abortionists fill a needle with a fatal dose of digoxin and they insert the needle through the mother’s stomach and through baby’s head or heart. When the digoxin is released into the baby, they suffer excruciating pain and death in the mother’s womb. Then the baby’s corpse is delivered whole or ripped apart limb-by-limb.

There are only three nations in the world without any restrictions on abortion. In these nations, it’s legal to kill pre-born babies at anytime during pregnancy. In these nations, it’s legal to kill babies 24 days, 24 hours, or 24 minutes before they are born.

Between the three nations without any restrictions on abortion, two of the nations are communist countries—and the other is Canada. North Korea and China are the only nations in the entire world with comparable positions on abortion.

As a result, abortion is the leading cause of death in Canada. Every year, abortion kills 20,000 more babies than cancer kills people. 30% of deaths in Canada are caused by abortions. Canadians are more likely to die from abortion than car accidents and cancer. 1 in 4 women in Canada will have an abortion. 4 million women in Canada will have an abortion in their lifetime.

Abortion is the most grotesque and widespread human rights violation of our time, and Canada is one of the biggest offenders. But that won’t change unless Christians like you and me consider committing our time, skills, and resources to save babies from abortion. And that’s why I’m joining the staff at the Canadian Center For Bio-Ethical Reform (CCBR).

The Canadian Center For Bio-Ethical Reform is a pro-life organization that uses pro-life apologetics and abortion victim photography to expose that abortion is a human rights violation, and they’ve hired me as a community liaison for the Greater Toronto Area.

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As a community liaison at CCBR, I will develop outreach projects and create opportunities for local churches and groups to partner with CCBR to serve local communities. I will deliver presentations across the Greater Toronto Area, and I will introduce CCBR’s resources to various audiences and train them to become active members of the pro-life movement.

I am also especially committed to activating Black Christians and Black churches to a greater commitment to pro-life ministry. Abortion disproportionately kills thousands of Black babies in Canada every year, and yet there are very few Black people—particularly Black men—committed to full-time pro-life work. I want to change that.

But I need your help. I need to fundraise my entire salary. I need monthly donors to support what I want to do for babies in Canada. I need to raise $2,225 dollars every month. This is a huge risk, I know. But I am committed to helping babies, and I need you to help me.

The Canadian Center For Bio-Ethical Reform is a good organization. Our research shows that 70% of people who see our abortion victim photography develop more negative positions about abortion. And during my internship with the organization last summer, I convinced 73 pro-abortion people to become pro-life after my conversations with them. That is 243% more than my initial goal of 30 people heading into the internship.

You can invest in me. I trust that my analytical and communication skills will complement my passion for pro-life outreach, and if you’ve read my articles, particularly my articles on abortion, I know that you can trust that too.

Many of you want to play a more active role in protecting pre-born babies from abortion, but you’re unable to commit the time to do so. And that’s okay. I want to represent you. So I’m asking you to support me as I commit myself to full-time pro-life work.

If you’re unable to become a monthly donor, please consider sending a one-time donation on my behalf at CCBR’s website.

But I especially need monthly donors, so if you’re interested in becoming a monthly donor, please send me an email at If you want to ask me more questions, please email me too! I would be happy to speak with you in person or on webcam to share more information with you.

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