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My 10 Favourite Podcasts

My 10 Favourite Podcasts

I recently noticed the number of podcasts I was subscribed to was starting to look like my personal library: I had committed myself to more content than I probably have the time to enjoy.

So I’ve narrowed the list of podcasts I subscribe to and I’ve selected my 10 favourite podcasts from that list, and I thought that you might be interested in that list. So here it is, in no particular order:

The Six Cents Report
The Six Cents Report is my favourite podcast by Canadians. The podcast is hosted by two of my friends—Darnell and Joel—and they address Canadian culture and politics from an economic and theological perspective. Darnell and Joel think and speak differently from each other—and that dynamic makes their podcast all the more interesting.

I became interested in Sheologians because it was co-hosted by James White’s daughter. But I became a fan because it was co-hosted by Summer White Jaegar and Joy Tembly. These ladies are some of the most intellectual and articulate podcasters I know. One of the things I appreciate most about their podcast is the diversity of topics on their show. For instance, their latest episode is titled ‘The Great Sugar Conspiracy’, and the episode before that was about creationism and environmentalism. I admire that about them!

The Joe Rogan Experience
Joe Rogan’s podcast is the most popular podcast in the world, and it’s not difficult to understand why. Rogan is a fascinating podcaster, and he’s especially a talented interviewer. Rogan is one of the few major podcasters who appeals to average guys. I subscribe to his show because I admire his analysis on mixed-martial arts and his interviews with celebrities like Jamie Fox, intellectuals like Jordan Peterson, and entrepreneurs like Elon Musk.

The Infographics
This isn’t technically a podcast. The Infographics is just a great YouTube Channel about anything and everything. It’s become the place where I learn about interesting facts, ideas, and stories I would probably never know if I hadn’t subscribed to the channel.

Just Thinking Podcast
I usually listen to podcasts when cooking, working out, or cleaning the house. But I cannot multi-task when I’m listening to Virgil Walker’s and Darrell Harrison’s podcast. The level of information they share on the show requires too much of my attention for me to do anything else, and that illustrates just how much I like their podcast.

Conservative political commentary is still relatively influenced by some level of a Christian worldview. But Allie Beth Stuckey is one of the few genuine Christians in political commentary. And that makes her podcast so unique and refreshing—especially since she occasionally addresses controversial issues within evangelicalism with Reformed Theology.

The Rubin Report
Dave Rubin is the most interesting podcaster I follow. Dave Rubin’s transition from a leftist to classical liberal, from an atheist to a theist is even more interesting than his interviews with Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, and infamously, Larry Elder. I’ve been following The Rubin Report since its debut, and it’s probably my favourite podcast.

The Dividing Line
One of the things I admire most about James White is that he’s an intellectual and a scholar that I’d like to have beer with one day—even though I think beer tastes awful. James White is probably the only Christian scholar whose core audience is largely made up of average, mostly blue-collar people. And I think that’s because in his podcast, The Dividing Line, he manages to addresses theological (and intellectual other topics) in plain, simple, frank terms. And he’s been doing that for years—long before it became cool to do so.

The Grapevine
The Gravevine is also not technically a podcast. It’s a YouTube show—a really good one. The Grapevine is a show about a group of Black Americans in discussions about a range of topics that interests young Black people today. The group is essentially made up of leftists and unbelievers. However, as disturbing and disappointing as their opinions are, they are informing—and I always appreciate opportunities to learn from people I strongly disagree with.

The Ben Shapiro Show
The Ben Shapiro show is my go-to podcast for American/international news. Next to Thomas Sowell, no political commentator has shaped my political perspectives and positions more than Ben Shapiro. At a time when most evangelical leaders offered disappointing reactions to Black Lives Matter, Ben Shapiro became precious to me. In fact, I created my blog—and the Black Lives Matter series—after Ben Shapiro’s words influenced me to do more research about racial issues.

So that’s the list of my ten favourite podcasts, what are some of yours?

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