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Here’s How You Can Support Me

Here’s How You Can Support Me

One of the reasons why I’m able to write as often as I do is because of the support I receive from people like you.

Your support makes it possible for me to offer my full thoughts on critical race theory, abortion, LGBTQ ideology, and other cultural and political issues with biblical theology.

I’m able to offer my full thoughts on these crucial issues because your financial support has made writing about Christ and culture my full-time job.

I’m especially grateful for your support because of the big, life-altering changes I’ve made this year. After 5 years of long-distance dating, Annie and I finally married each other in April. And for that reason, I made the most difficult choice in my life when I moved from Canada—and away from my beloved mom—to cleave to Annie in America.

I’m still in the process of receiving permanent residency in America, so I’m not yet legally able to work in America. Therefore, without your support—it would be impossible for me to provide for my bride.

So if you’re one of the people who support me, thank you so much. I do not take your support for granted. As I continue to make many enemies over my advocacy for Biblical truth, I’m especially grateful for allies who support my ministry.

As many of you know, next to my blogging and social media work—your support allows me to commit around 50 to 60 hours a week to writing, studying, unpaid interviews, speaking engagements, emails and messages, and meaningful conversations with people who need my help.

Much of my work against wokeness isn’t public. I receive many private messages from individuals whose careers, families, relationships, and churches are being destroyed by woke ideology. Some of these individuals are Canadian politicians who ask for my help on critical race theory.

For instance, one Canadian politician in Ontario had initially voted for Bill 67, a radical bill that would have made critical race theory even more fundamental in Ontario schools. However, after I explained to him the real meaning of racial equity, anti-racism, and critical race theory—he immediately changed his mind and worked to defeat that bill.

And now that I’ve moved to Ohio, I’ve also had the honour of speaking with Governor Mike DeWine and his office to advance evangelical values in Ohio.

So your donations are not just helping me to change minds, they’re helping me to change unjust policies in Canada and America.

If you choose to support me, you wouldn’t just be supporting my blog and social media. Your support would give me more time and therefore more opportunities to have real conversations with parents, politicians, and pastors who need my help.

Nevertheless, now that I’m more settled after this transitional year—I’m finally moving forward with some of my major plans. I’m finally securing a producer and a partner for my curriculum on critical race theory. And I’m also in the middle of talking to producers for two different podcasts for next year.

And I’m also close to starting a dream project that I’ll hopefully announce sometime next year.

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But all of my current work and all my ambitious projects would be impossible without your support. There are many Christian organizations doing great work. There are also many conservative organizations doing great work.

But there aren’t many Christian, conservative individuals like me who are quick to listen and slow to speak—or slow to write—on the crucial issues in our culture.

By the grace of God, as a young, African-Canadian who has recently immigrated to America—I think I have a unique voice in our culture.

So I ask you to please consider donating to my work. If you’re interested in supporting me, you can donate to me on Patreon or especially Pyrolithos.

Since Patreon could cancel me at any moment because of my Christian views, Pyrolithos is a new, tax-deductible non-profit organization set up for me. You can sign up for monthly donations or one-time donations.

If you have any questions about supporting me, please email me at, and I would be glad to answer your questions over email, phone-call, or video-call.

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