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Will You Help Me Fight Injustice?

Will You Help Me Fight Injustice?

When I was a teenager, a friend asked me, “Sam, what would you say to a girl considering an abortion?”

I was honest with her. I told her I don’t know. I was eighteen at the time. I wasn’t a Christian. I wasn’t a critical thinker. And I didn’t care to think about abortion. I thought she was asking a hypothetical question. I didn’t know she was asking for help.

I didn’t know she was pregnant. I didn’t know she was being pressured by her boyfriend to get an abortion. I didn’t know that I could have saved a life with my answer. I didn’t know that just a few days later, my friend would get an abortion.

That still haunts me today. So I desperately want to give girls the answers I didn’t offer to my friend all those years ago. So this summer,  I have been interning at the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (CCBR) as a part of their Four-Month Summer Internship since last month. CCBR is a pro-life group whose mission is to make abortion unthinkable by exposing what abortion really is.

I am working with a team in Mississauga and I have been receiving excellent training in pro-life apologetics, strategy, and leadership, as well as doing activism. Each day we reach out to the public with the truth of abortion through CCBR’s outreach projects.

Canada is one of only three nations in the world with zero restrictions on abortion–the other two nations are North Korea and China. Pre-born children up to nine months old can be legally killed in Canada. And every year, a hundred thousand Canadian babies get killed every year, including a disproportionate number of little Black boys and girls.

I started the internship just three weeks ago, and since then, I have already convinced over 20 pro-choice students to become pro-life. That is potentially 20 lives saved. And I want to save more.

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But I need to fund-raise a total of $3500 before June 13th for the internship. Would you consider donating as much as you’re able to support me? If you would like to help me fight injustice ans restore human rights to Canada’s youngest and most vulnerable people, please do so here.

If you choose to support me, please add that you’re donating to me, Samuel Sey, at the Notes section on the page. If you do so, please send me an email at, so I can share my deep gratitude for your kindness.

Please share this to others so they may choose to donate as well.

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