Gay Marriage Isn’t The New Interracial Marriage

The Respect for Marriage Act doesn’t respect marriage at all. A more accurate name for the bill is the “Disrespect for Marriage Act.”

Alliance Defending Freedom described the bill as not merely a law that codifies the Supreme Court’s ruling on Obergefell (gay marriage) as federal law, but a “misnamed bill that expands not only what marriage means, but also who can be sued for disagreeing with the new meaning of marriage.”

They also said, “The Respect for Marriage Act threatens religious freedom and the institution of marriage in multiple ways:

  • It further embeds a false definition of marriage in the American legal fabric.
  • It opens the door to federal recognition of polygamous relationships.
  • It jeopardizes the tax-exempt status of nonprofits that exercise their belief that marriage is the union of one man and one woman.
  • It endangers faith-based social-service organizations by threatening litigation and liability risk if they follow their views on marriage when working with the government.

The truth is the Respect for Marriage Act does nothing to change the status of same-sex marriage or the benefits afforded to same-sex couples following Obergefell. It does much, however, to endanger religious freedom.”

As always, Alliance Defending Freedom’s explanation of the legal and cultural ramifications of the law are helpful. But the Respect for Marriage Act disrespects the institution of marriage in another way.

By suggesting that gay marriage is the new interracial marriage, the Respect for Marriage Act suggests interracial marriage is perverse.

Like Obergefell, the act officially says gay marriage is just like interracial marriage. Meaning 62 senators, including 12 shameful Republicans, believe my wife and I are in the same kind of “marriage” as two gay men or two lesbian women.

This is because the law suggests my skin colour is just like a person’s homosexual behaviour. That claim isn’t new, of course. Gay activists have been making that claim for decades. However, it’s become even more acceptable in our culture because of critical race theory and intersectionality.

Nevertheless, as Voddie Baucham says, “gay is not the new black.” And in the same way, gay marriage isn’t the new interracial marriage.

I won’t mince words: it’s an insult to suggest that mine and my wife’s obedience to God is the same as two homosexual’s disobedience to God.

Furthermore, it’s also deeply racist to suggest that my skin colour is like sexual sin. My skin colour is created by a holy God, but homosexuality is practiced by sinful people. My skin colour isn’t offensive to God, homosexuality is. My skin colour isn’t perverse, homosexuality is.

Like LGBT people, I am a sinner. But the difference between gay people and black people is homosexual behaviour is a sin, dark skin isn’t a sin.

Therefore, although interracial marriage was illegal in some states decades ago, it’s never been immoral. Gay “marriage”, however, has always been immoral.

After God created Adam and Eve, the Bible says: “Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.” (Genesis 2:24)

God didn’t say a white man should leave his parents and hold fast to his white wife, nor did he say a black man should leave his parents and hold fast to his black wife. 

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He simply said “a man should leave his [parents] and hold fast to his wife.

But especially, God didn’t say a man should leave his parents and hold fast to his “husband”. Instead, he explicitly forbids homosexuality. (Leviticus 18:22)

Therefore gay marriage isn’t the new interracial marriage. Actually, there’s no such thing as race, anyway. My wife and I have different features and different ethnicities—but we are not members of two different races. 

There’s only one race: the human race—with a common ancestor in Adam and a common creator in God.

So my wife and I are not an interracial couple. The concept of race is a social construct from white supremacists from the 17th century.

Marriage, however, isn’t a social construct. It’s instituted by God. Therefore’s just as there’s no such thing as interracial marriage, there’s also no such thing as gay marriage. 

There’s only kind of marriage, and it’s between one man and one woman. My marriage to my wife isn’t like a gay “marriage”. It’s like any marriage between a man and a woman. 

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