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Five Half Truths

Five Half Truths

The most convincing lies do not sound like lies, they sound like the truth. We’re more likely to accept lies when they contain a measure of truth. And this is why half-truths about Christianity are so popular.

Half-truths are deliberate attempts to conceal whole truths. Half-truths happen when we subtract half of the truth from the whole truth to create a lie. Half-truths are incomplete accounts of the truth. They include one part of the truth and omit the rest. They begin with the truth and end with a lie. They present just enough of the truth to deceive people into believing lies. Theologically, they are close to the truth, yet so far away from biblical Christianity.

Religious half-truths are lies disguised as truths. They are satanic lies masquerading as Godly truths. They are clever lies introduced as simple truths. Therefore, they are not entirely wrong. But that’s by design: they are half-right or maybe mostly right ideas that misrepresent or contradict the whole counsel of God.

Half-truths are increasingly too common in many churches today. Many churches have abandoned biblical Christianity to adopt worldly philosophies that accept heaven without hell, redemption without repentance, peace without perseverance, and contentment without Christ. Naturally, this is destroying churches and destroying souls.

So last December, Flip Michaels released his first book, Five Half Truths: Addressing the Most Common Misconceptions of Christianity.

Five Half Truths is a small book with a big message about the whole truth of the gospel. The book’s 150 pages are filled with Flip Michaels’ apologetical and evangelistic words for all kinds of Christians and all kinds of unbelievers today.

In the book, Flip Michaels addresses five of the biggest half-truths concerning Christianity today. The five half-truths are: (1) the Bible was written by men, (2) all religions are the same, (3) God is love, (4) Jesus is truly a man, (5) our good deeds matter.

Beginning with the first chapter, The Bible Was Written by Men, these myths get examined and debunked in a gentle and respectful manner one-by-one throughout the book.

In the first five chapters, Flip Michaels introduces the respective half-truth. Then he shares the whole truth, followed by the whole meaning of the whole truth. For instance, in chapter four, Jesus Is Truly a Man, he addresses that half-truth by citing non-biblical sources like Jewish historian Josephus and Roman senator Tacitus. Then he cites scripture to affirm that Jesus is indeed truly a man. Michaels writes: “Every attribute, and every aspect of his humanity, was like ours with one exception: Jesus did not sin.”

Next, he describes the whole truth concerning who Christ is by explaining that Jesus is perfectly human and completely God. And this is crucial, because as Michaels explains in the chapter, we humans are sinful and are therefore under judgement as enemies of the holy God. So Michaels writes:

Who can come between God and mankind to resolve this conflict? To reconcile sinners? Only Jesus. ‘For there is one God, and one Mediator also between God and men, the man Christ Jesus,’ (1 Tim. 2:5). Jesus Christ is truly a man and truly God. He is the only One who could fulfill this role. Only a truly human nature could represent us to God; and only a truly divine nature could represent God to man.

Where did this reconciliation take place? On the cross of Calvary one Person with two natures enacted a great exchange—known as the great doctrine of substitution.

Five Half Truths addresses the most common misconceptions of Christianity by completing the half-truths in a simple and helpful fashion:

The Bible was written by men … and inspired by God.

All religions are the same … except Christianity.

God is love … and holy, holy, holy.

Jesus is truly a man … and truly God.

Our good deeds matter … when preceded by faith.

Five Half Truths is a great book. I enjoyed it, and I think you would too.

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