Do Not Grow Weary Rejecting Critical Race Theory

Critical race theory isn’t just bad theology, it produces a false gospel—a false gospel that’s influencing many Christians to reject what the Bible says about racism and justice. 

Many Christians suggest critical race theory is just a little theoretical framework that doesn’t replace their theology. But critical race theory doesn’t just redefine racism and justice. It’s an all-encompassing ideology that redefines a biblical understanding of righteousness and sin—it’s a little leaven that leavens the whole lump. 

And for that reason, critical race theory has become one of the most destructive anti-Christ ideologies within local churches today. I’ve received many messages from many Christians lamenting how critical race theory is destroying their local churches, their families, and their friendships. 

Many of us seem to believe critical race theory’s influence is only evident on social media—even though critical race theory has burned and toppled so many buildings, so many statues, and so many relationships. 

I regularly hold signs of aborted babies in major streets across Toronto, and yet that isn’t the most controversial thing I do. The most controversial thing I do, apparently, is blogging candidly about critical race theory.

I know I’m a writer, but I don’t think I can describe the level of animosity I’ve received from many people—including professing Christians—over my words against social justice and critical race theory. I haven’t yet received death threats over my pro-life advocacy. But I’ve received plenty of death threats over my words about critical race theory. 

But this article isn’t about the sins against me over critical race theory. It’s about my temptation to sin against others because of critical race theory. 

Critical race theory is a sinful ideology that can tempt people like me—people who reject critical race theory to sin. 

Satan doesn’t care how we sin—so long as we sin. He doesn’t care if we sin because we love critical race theory. And he doesn’t care if we sin because we hate critical race theory. To be clear, Satan absolutely wants us to embrace evil theories like critical race theory. However, he also wants us to sin even while we oppose it. That is the scheme of the devil: he uses sinful ideologies and sins against us to tempt us to sin. 

So, although critical race theory hasn’t influenced me. I know it’s influences on others tempts me to sin. I know that too often, I am not slow to write, slow to tweet—slow to speak, slow to anger, and quick to listen. 

I know that too often, I want to repay evil for evil. Too often, I do not want to be kind. I do not want to be patient. I do not want to be humble. And I do not want to be loving. 

In other words, I am tempted to grow weary of doing good while I reject critical race theory. 

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But the Bible says: “let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.” (Galatians 6:9)

In the same chapter, the Bible says when people transgress (by embracing critical race theory), I should restore them with gentleness—keeping watch over myself, lest I also become tempted. 

The most tempting thing about critical race theory for me isn’t that I will sin by embracing it’s false gospel. The most tempting thing about it for me is that I’ll sin by reacting against it in a manner unworthy of the gospel. 

We need to protect ourselves from repaying evil for evil. We shouldn’t repay critical race theory with a critical spirit. For instance, just as critical race theorists believe racism exists everywhere, we shouldn’t repeat their folly—we shouldn’t believe critical race theory exists everywhere too.

So we shouldn’t grow weary of doing good against critical race theory. Let’s bear all the insults, all the death threats, all the disappointments. In due time, whether people receive our concerns or not, we shouldn’t give up.

In due season, we’ll reap a reward from our saviour, if we do not give up—if we do not grow weary of doing good. 

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