Conservatives Are Still Part Of The Problem

Leftists are a bigger threat to society, but Christless conservatives aren’t the solution. Actually, they’re part of the problem.

I said that in an article earlier this year after conservatives like Candace Owens celebrated Dave Rubin’s announcement that he and his gay partner had adopted two children through surrogate mothers.

On her podcast earlier this week, Candace Owens said she was surprised that some conservatives called Dave Rubin’s announcement “ungodly” and “anti-family.” Then she said:

“I was asked at that time to offer my commentary and I didn’t because first foremost I felt that we were using these two individuals as a conduit to a more important discussion. Like we were just sort of saying you two (Dave Rubin and his partner) and now we’re all going to yell about it…There was something that felt wrong to me about attacking these two children. I love life, and I can’t imagine these kids growing up and seeing that their birth announcement went so sideways…We should have this discussion, but we shouldn’t be using Dave Rubin’s [and his partner’s] birth announcement as a conduit.”

Just as I admire Dave Rubin despite his ungodliness, I also admire Candace Owens despite her (support for) ungodliness. Candace Owens has been a bold and persevering advocate for many of the issues I’m passionate about.

I’ve been following her since before she became famous. I’ve watched her change from an apathetic or unsure person on abortion to a strong pro-life advocate. So maybe one day she’ll change her mind on gay marriage and gay parenting.

Nevertheless, since I don’t mince words with leftists—I won’t mince words with Candace Owens when she argues like a leftist.

It’s difficult to believe she’s telling the truth when she says the reason why she didn’t comment on Dave Rubin’s announcement is because she didn’t want to use his announcement as a conduit to a more important discussion.

When has Candace Owens refused to use any individual story as a conduit to a more important discussion? Isn’t she infamous for using George Floyd as a conduit to a more important discussion about how our culture and especially “black culture” justify and romanticize black criminals like George Floyd?

In fact, in the same podcast episode, she hypocritically names a number of celebrities who have used surrogacy as a conduit to a more important discussion on the surrogacy industry.

Still, her inconsistency is less disappointing than her absurd suggestion that conservatives were attacking Dave Rubin’s children. That ridiculous assertion is straight out of the leftist playbook. Conservatives who are disappointed with Dave Rubin are not attacking his children. Conservatives who are concerned for his children are not attacking his children.

When Candace Owens expresses her anger over parents who take their trans children to get mastectomies, penectomies, and vaginoplasties, is she attacking the children?

Of course not. Yet she claims conservatives and Christians are attacking children when we criticize her friend’s harmful parenting.

However Candace Owens’ friendship with Dave Rubin isn’t the only reason why I think she supports his gay parenting.

Though she’s a professing Christian, like many supposed conservatives—she supports homosexuality and gay marriage. Though she says a person cannot be a Christian and pro-abortion because of the Bible’s words on abortion—she apparently believes people like her can be Christian and pro-gay marriage despite the Bible’s words on homosexuality. 

As I shared in a recent tweet: I don’t like referring to myself as a conservative Christian. I’m a conservative because I’m a Christian. Christian theology makes me conservative politically. Leftist Christianity is a contradiction in terms. Leftism and Christianity are incompatible.

In the same way, homosexuality and Christianity are incompatible. You cannot be pro-gay marriage and pro-Jesus Christ. You cannot unrepentantly practice homosexuality and practice Christianity. You cannot support homosexuality and serve Jesus Christ. 

God instituted marriage between a man and a woman. Meaning, he instituted parenting between a man and a woman. 

Therefore a man needs a woman for a wife, a woman needs a man for a husband—a child needs a man for a father and a woman for a mother. 

Children need their fathers and mothers. Gay couples who use surrogacy to have children are stripping their children from their most basic needs.

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One of the reasons why Candace Owens’ support for gay marriage and gay parenting is especially disappointing is because she’s talked about the importance of the nuclear family in the past—especially since fatherlessness is the biggest problem for black people today. 

As many of you know, I was raised in a fatherless household. I suffered all the painful challenges that fatherless children tend to experience. I had sexual experiences by the age of 5, I suffered poverty from conception, I was involved in over 20 violent altercations before I was 18, and I didn’t graduate from high school.

And yet, it’s better to be raised by a single mother than a same-sex couple.

Single mothers are not ideal. Single fathers are not ideal. But same-sex parents are an abomination to God.

Children raised by a single-mother are more likely not to learn good habits. But children raised by same-sex parents are more likely to learn bad habits.

Men who think they can take a mother’s role are no different than men who think they can take a woman’s gender.

And what’s the difference between same-sex marriages or same-sex parenting with transgenderism, anyway?

Same-sex parents are transparenting. Men who think they can replace mothers are no different from men who think they can become a woman. The attack on gender today started with the attack on gender roles decades ago.

Gay marriages and gay parenting are just as unnatural as transgenderism. And unnatural parenting creates unnatural child development. This is why same-sex couples are significantly more likely to raise transgender children.

Conservatives who do not conserve the nuclear family are not conservatives. Therefore we Christians should remember that Christless conservatives are not the solution.

Conservatives like Dave Rubin and Candace Owens are still part of the problem, and the gospel and ethics of Jesus Christ is the only solution.

As I said in my interview with the Daily Wire last year, “the only thing that can save America and Western nations from disaster is also the only thing that can save sinners from the wrath of God: the gospel.”

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