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Canada’s Healthcare System And Medical Assistance In Dying

Canada’s Healthcare System And Medical Assistance In Dying

Canada’s healthcare system isn’t free. It comes at a high cost—the cost of human lives.

Medically assisted murder is the wages of Canada’s socialist healthcare system.

In 2016, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party passed a euthanasia bill (Bill C-14) called medical assistance in dying (MAID). It legalized the murder of adults with terminal illnesses or disabilities by so-called healthcare professionals.

The following year in 2017, the Canadian Medical Association Journal published a report saying:

“Medical assistance in dying could reduce annual health care spending across Canada by between $34.7 million and $138.8 million…Health care costs increase substantially among patients nearing the end of life, accounting for a disproportionate amount of health care spending. For example, in Manitoba, more than 20% of health care costs are attributable to patients within the 6 months before dying, despite their representing only 1% of the population.”

In other words, Canadians with deadly diseases are a major burden on Canada’s government-controlled healthcare system. The author of the report also said:

“Canadians die in hospitals more often than, say, our counterparts in America or Europe and…we have a lack of palliative care services even though we are trying to improve that. And therefore people end up spending their final days in the hospital.”

So as the report predicted, MAID has become extremely cost-effective for Canada. Actually, it’s presumably exceeded their expectations.

In 2016 the number of Canadians killed by MAID was 1,018. By 2020, however, it was 7,603 people.

These murders have been highly profitable for Canada’s healthcare system. For instance, Canada became the world’s leader in organ transplants immediately after it legalized medical assistance in dying. 

In fact, Canada performed almost half of the world’s organ transplants the year it legalized MAID.

So with that in mind, it’s especially alarming that in 2021 Trudeau’s government passed an amendment (Bill C-7) to expand the list of people who could be killed by the healthcare system. Essentially, the bill added Canadians with any disabilities, any diseases—and starting on March 2024—any mental illnesses to the kill list.

Meaning, adults with any physical or mental health conditions are eligible to be murdered by healthcare professionals in Canada. To be clear, this means every adult can apply to get killed for any reason—especially if they’re considered undesirable or burdensome by Canada’s healthcare system.

However, there’s nothing new under the sun. This isn’t the first time the Canadian healthcare system has widely violated the basic human rights of supposedly undesirable or burdensome people.

Almost a hundred years ago the eugenicists movement in Canada prompted provinces like Alberta and British Columbia to pass laws that sterilized people with disabilities.

One of the biggest advocates for euthanasia in the country was the father of Canada’s socialist healthcare system: Tommy Douglas.

Like other socialists at the time, Douglas supported euthanasia as a means to improve the social and economic outcomes for proletariats or the working class. Therefore in his thesis, The Problems of the Subnormal Family, he says:

“the ethics of the medical profession have always been of a very high order, and we have entrusted to them many duties just as delicate and as capable of misuse. The matter would have to be handled carefully. Only those mentally defective and those incurably diseased should be sterilized.”

Almost a century later, Tommy Douglas’ socialist healthcare system is implementing a new version of eugenics in Canada. This time, however, the healthcare system isn’t sterilizing people with disabilities and diseases: it’s murdering them.

We shouldn’t ignore the relationship between our healthcare system and medical assistance in dying. Our healthcare system is just as committed to killing some patients as it is treating other patients.

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In a free-market healthcare system, a patient’s life is valuable to their doctor. If the patient dies, the doctor loses a client. However in a socialist healthcare system, your death could be more profitable for the government than your life.

Clearly, this is what Justin Trudeau’s government want Canadians to believe. They want us to believe we could be more valuable dead than alive. In fact, of the 10,000 Canadians that were murdered by MAID in 2021, 35% said one of the reasons why they wanted to die is because they believed they were a burden to their family, friends, and caregivers.

But every person’s life is valuable. A person’s disability, disease, or depression doesn’t make them less valuable than others.

We are all made in the wonderful image of our creator. He decided when we would born—not the government, not healthcare professionals, and not us. And in the same way, he decides when we’ll die—not the government, not healthcare professionals, and not us.

There is only one author of life and death, and it’s God.

Therefore the answer to suffering isn’t suicide or medically assisted murder; it’s perseverance, hope, and faith in the sovereignty and providence of God.

However, 82% of Canadians apparently support the current MAID law. And even worse, 51% of Canadians support extending MAID to “mature” minors with an incurable medical condition.

Nevertheless, euthanasia or medically assisted murder isn’t just a Canadian issue: it’s a global issue. Including Canada, there are 10 nations with federal MAID laws. Other nations are currently debating the issue, and some of these nations have already passed state laws legalizing medically assisted murder.

One of these nations is America. Euthanasia or medically assisted murder is legal in 9 American states. And if we do not become more impassioned and more informed on this injustice—like abortion—it will become the norm across the world.

So for more information, please read Alliance Defending Freedom International’s report on Canada’s MAID law. And please sign up here so you can stay up to date about the fight to end or prevent euthanasia laws in Canada and across the world.

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