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Abortion And The Coronavirus

Abortion And The Coronavirus

Since the coronavirus outbreak, every person in the world today—almost eight billion people—have changed their lives to protect others.

The NBA and other professional sports leagues have closed their arenas. Universities and other schools have suspended entire semesters. Weddings and funerals have been postponed and cancelled. Restaurants and businesses are closed. Nations have closed their borders and disrupted their economy. And even churches are compelled to cancel services.

The social and economic toll of the coronavirus is immeasurable. We’re all isolating and socially distancing ourselves at such a high cost. But we’re making these sacrifices to protect vulnerable people from the coronavirus, namely the immunocompromised and elderly people.

Besides the weird people hoarding toilet paper in their garage, many of us are being selfless and kind to protect vulnerable people, and that is one of the most encouraging things to come out of this difficult time.

I’m glad we’re all making sacrifices to protect vulnerable people from the coronavirus. But it’s bittersweet.

The coronavirus is threatening. But it won’t kill fifty million people a year—abortion does. The coronavirus isn’t the leading cause of death in the world—abortion is. The coronavirus isn’t murder—abortion is. It isn’t protected by law—abortion is.

And yet, over the last few weeks, I’ve seen people become more horrified about the coronavirus than they have been about abortions their entire lives.

Abortion has become a normal and acceptable part of our lives. We manage to sleep well at night knowing that every day, thousands of preborn babies get their heads crushed and their limbs torn apart.

Over the last few weeks, how many of us have made sacrifices to protect vulnerable people from the coronavirus? And over our entire lives, how many of us have made a single sacrifice to protect vulnerable preborn babies from abortion?

The coronavirus is deadly. But our apathy about abortion is the more deadly virus.

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