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Why Woke “Christians” Support Abortion

Why Woke “Christians” Support Abortion

If you’re surprised that the most outspoken Christians on social media for “justice” are not rejoicing over the most important Supreme Court ruling in our lifetime—you shouldn’t be. 

If you’re surprised that many woke “Christians” are angry that the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade—you shouldn’t be.

You shouldn’t be surprised many woke “Christians” support abortion.

As a pro-life advocate and a critic of woke ideology within the Church—I’ve been warning about Woke Christians’ implicit support for abortion for many years.

Three years ago, I said:

“One of the biggest indictments against the social justice movement within evangelicalism today is that it hasn’t produced a greater passion against the biggest human rights violation of our time—abortion. In fact, it’s producing more apathy and support for abortion.”

Woke “Christians” were implicitly supporting abortion years before they revealed their explicit support last week. 

For years they claimed they were “holistically pro-life” to conceal their pro-abortion views. In fact, I know woke “Christians” who say they’re “holistically pro-life” on social media, but privately—they’ve told me they’re pro-abortion.

For that reason one of the best things about Roe v. Wade being overturned—other than hundreds of thousands of babies being rescued from murder—is that it’s exposing what many woke “Christians” really think about abortion and justice.

As the Bible says, “When justice is done, it is a joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers.” (Proverbs 21:15)

With that in mind, some of the woke “Christians” who’ve revealed some level of support for abortion are people like Dante Stewart (a regular writer at Christianity Today), The Truth’s Table podcast hosts ( Ekemini Uwan, Christina Edmondson, Michelle Higgins), and Mika Edmondson ( a pastor and a regular contributor at The Gospel Coalition).

In reaction to Roe v. Wade being overturned, Dante Stewart said:

“What makes me most sick is that Christians will celebrate and believe that God made it so. No, this is not God. It is years of Christians waging religious war. It is not about protection, love, or morality. All of this is about one thing only: power. White power.”

Ekemini Uwan said: “America is a failed state.”

Michelle Higgins said:

“Dear Black Christians who support reproductive justice and believe that abortion is healthcare, it is time to be more vocal in the places where we have been shamed, even if those places are the ones we call home.”

And Mika Edmondson said:

“May the Lord give grace to victims of rape whose pregnancies are daily reminders of the worst violation. May the Lord give grace to women whose lives are at risk in their pregnancies & to medical providers wondering if they can intervene to save their lives. Lord, have mercy…May the Lord give grace and strength to struggling families and especially to those who cannot see a way forward. Lord have mercy on every bruised reed of a person. Lord, have mercy.”

Others shared similar explicit or implicit support for abortion, including many more who “liked” pro-abortion posts on social media. 

So why is it that woke “Christians” support abortion? Why is it that the most outspoken professing Christians on “injustice” support the most unjust practice in our culture? 

There are two simple answers. The first is that the argument for feminist theory is the same argument for critical race theory. More specifically, the argument for pro-abortion is the same argument for anti-racism. 

The concept of intersectionality makes feminist theory an indispensable part of critical race theory. 

Intersectionality therefore compels critical race theorists to support not just racial equity at all costs—but also gender equity or “reproductive” equity at all costs.

As Kimberlé Crenshaw, the founder of intersectionality, once said: “Anything that’s meant to address gender inequality has to include a racial lens, and anything that’s meant to address racial inequality has to include a gender lens.

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Therefore just as critical race theory demands discrimination against white people in order to achieve racial equity—it also demands discrimination against pre-born babies in order to achieve gender equity.

For instance, one intersectional feminist organization said:

“Women of color, trans women and non-binary people continue to face pervasive gender inequities, harassment and abuse, and barriers that limit their autonomy, dignity and advancement. For all people to be fully free to shape their own lives and futures, they must be able to make choices about their careers, their family and their financial security. That means having equal opportunities to advance professionally and economically. It means living free from gender-based harassment, discrimination and violence. It means having access to a full range of reproductive healthcare services.”

This intersectional argument for equity is one of the reasons why woke “Christians” support abortion. Naturally, it’s also one of the reasons why woke Christians are increasingly affirming LGBTQ ideology.

Their alliance with critical race theorists has inevitably created an intersectional alliance with feminists and other anti-Christ groups. As the Bible says, “Bad company ruins good morals.” (1 Corinthians 15:33)

But woke “Christians” who support abortion haven’t merely deviated from good morals. They’ve deviated from the gospel.

That is the other reason why woke “Christians” support abortion: they are not Christians.

Of course, not all woke Christians support abortion. Though their social media posts do not indicate this, some woke Christians are sincerely happy Roe v. Wade has been overturned.

Nevertheless, woke “Christians” who support abortion have become friends with the world and enemies with Christ.

They’ve become enemies with vulnerable pre-born babies, enemies with the pro-life movement, enemies with real Christians—and especially, enemies with Christ. 

Therefore what woke “Christians” who support abortion need most isn’t pro-life arguments. What they need most is the gospel.

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