What is a Woman? (Review)

The Daily Wire has been my favourite news outlet for several years. I’ve consumed thousands of hours of their podcasts. However their latest documentary, What is a Woman, is maybe the most important content they’ve produced so far.

The documentary features The Daily Wire’s author and podcast host Matt Walsh asking “experts” and average people a seemingly simple question: “what is a woman?”

Predictably, however, most of the so-called experts and average people in the documentary either dismiss the question or struggle to come up with an answer.

One of the “experts” in the documentary is a female therapist who identifies as “non-binary”; when Walsh asks her the titular question, she says: “I’m not a woman, so I can’t really answer that.” 

She also says, “some women have penises, some men have vaginas.” That immediately reminded me of the scene from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1990 movie Kindergarten Cop, when a toddler says: “boys have a penis, girls have a vagina”

What is a Woman confirms gender theorists are not smarter than toddlers. Naturally, as we should expect from a Matt Walsh documentary, that produces a series of hilarious scenes. For instance, there’s a scene with a tell-it-like-it-is elderly shop owner who provides hilariously simple answers that emphasize the absurd “answers” from the group of “experts”.

However, the documentary is both hilarious and haunting. Matt Walsh’s infamous ability to maintain an impeccable level of satire and seriousness is what makes What is a Woman so compelling. The documentary seamlessly weaves through comedy and tragedy in a manner worthy of its subject matter. 

What is a Woman is just as depressing as it is hilarious. Gender theory and transgender ideology deserve ridicule. However, these ideas also deserve our serious attention. As many of the scenes in the documentary reveal, transgender ideology harms people—especially little children. 

The most poignant scene in the entire documentary is when Scott (Kellie) Newgent, the transgender founder of TReVoices raises her arm to reveal her severe scars and says:

“For the time in history, a marginalized group has a huge dollar sign on the top of their head. We have 5 children’s hospitals in the United States promoting that [her scars]…that’s a phalloplasty, that’s a bottom surgery [a surgical operation where part of a woman’s abdomen, leg, or arm is removed to create a ‘penis’]. We have 5 children’s hospitals in the United States telling girls that they can be boys at $70,000 a pop in a surgery that has a 67% complication rate that will kill me from infection…that I can’t sue on. We’re butchering a generation of children because no one is willing to talk about anything. I have three kids at the age they’re doing this to kids. I’m not transphobic. I love my kids. And I love other people’s kids, and you should too…This is wrong on so many levels…I get infections every 3 to 4 months…I’m probably not going to live very long.”

Nevertheless, the “experts” dismiss all of these concerns. When Walsh says to a college professor that he wants to “get to the truth” of what it is means to be a woman or a man—the college professor says, Walsh’s words “sounds deeply transphobic.”

That highlights the overarching philosophy behind gender theory and transgenderism: postmodernism.

The alarming number of transgender children today isn’t necessarily a result of mental illness. It’s the consequences of the permeating influence of postmodernism in our culture.

To postmodernists, the question “what is a woman?” is just as unanswerable as the question, “what is truth?”

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Postmodernists, as relativists, do not believe facts matter—just as gender theorists believe biology doesn’t matter. Postmodernists believe anything can be the truth just as gender theorists believe anyone can be a woman.

Essentially, just as postmodernists believe anyone can have “their truth” or their own version the truth—gender theorists believe a man can become their own version of a woman. 

Gender theory and transgender ideology is therefore what happens when a culture embraces Satan’s old words in the Garden of Eden: “Did God actually say?” (Genesis 3:1)

Though gender theory says otherwise, God actually says he created all of us as either male or female. (Genesis 1:26-28)

Your doctor didn’t assign your gender, your creator did.  

As Matt Walsh says in the documentary, “nature seems to always tell the truth, even when we don’t want to hear it”

Matt Walsh and The Daily Wire’s What is a Woman is a truly fantastic documentary. I wholeheartedly recommend it.

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